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Pandeiro Bahia Adult

Handmade pandeiro made by Queixada, specially designed for capoeira. Size: 10 inches. Resistant instrument offering very good longevity. The sound is pleasant and perfect for capoeira's rodas. Not refinable but does not go out of tune. Natural leather (goat).
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High quality Dobrão to play the berimbau. (See technical sheet below). Sold individually. Brass (1), bronze (2) or stainless steel (3). - Brass: It is the most classic material in the manufacture of Dobrões - Bronze: A noble material for a Dobrão which will resist oxidation better. Visually it is almost identical to brass. - Stainless steel: Stainless...
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Cover Pandeiro - 10" Black

Protective black cover for pandeiro 10 inches (cover 28-30 cm in diameter). Padded to absorb any shocks. Pocket for storing the ripening key. Handle + handle for transport.
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Pandeiro Mestre Lua Rasta

Handcrafted pandeiro made of wood and natural goat skin. Manufactured by Lua Rasta, world leader in percussion manufacturing. Specially designed for capoeira. Size: 10 inches. Can be tuned. Sold with the key of affination. Impeccable quality. The must!
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Caxixi for Berimbau

Caxixi in junco made by Queixada in Bahia. 2 sizes to choose from:- Standard = classic adult size- Small = Size for teenagers / children or women (finer fingers)
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Kids Berimbau

Berimbau made in Salvador de Bahia, cradle of Capoeira in Brazil. Small in size (around 1 meter) and light, this small berimbau is ideal for learning children (from 5/7 years old) or for decoration. The latter is decorated and varnished (colored paints).
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Dobrão for berimbau

Brass dobrão for berimbau. This is a brass piece, rather heavy, which replaces the stone (or pebble) to play the berimbau. It is one of the accessories of the berimbau like the wand or the caxixi.
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Agogo engraved decorated Lua Rasta

Agogo de castagne made in the workshop of Mestre Lua Rasta in the Pelourinho in Salvador de Bahia. The pyrographed decorations on this instrument are the signature of a manufacture by Lua Rasta. Sold with the wooden stick to play. Excellent sound!
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Capoeira T-Shirt Woman

T-Shirt woman with cup marking on the front side. Choose white or black color and your size. QUALITY:JERSEY 190 100% semi-combed cotton RingspunBand at neckNeck with rib CHOPPED OFF :Classic Cut and sewn
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White Capoeira Sweatshirt

White Sweat before marking. CHARACTERISTICS :Taped shoulder to shoulder in jerseyNeck, waist and cuffs with rib cotton / Lycra80% cotton Belcoro® yarn, 20% polyester, 280gr / m²
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Capoeira Pants - Green and Yellow

Capoeira pants - (abada for Capoeira) in green and yellow. Large specialized brand Capoeira: Marimbondo Sinha. 100% polyamide, reinforced seams and crotch. Very pleasant to wear. Easy washing.Drawstring on the belt.
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Book "O Batuque, a luta braba" (Frede Abreu)

This fantastic bilingual book (Portuguese and English) is the result of research carried out for several years by Frede Abreu, the famous researcher, historian and writer who is passionate about the history of capoeira and the Bahian culture that died in 2013. This rare book of Capoeira is no longer published, these are the last copies. Preserved preciously!
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Capoeira Pants - white and blue Dibum MS

Abada - Capoeira pants - light blue with white edging and CAPOEIRA marking on the back. Brand Marimbondo Sinha. 100% polyamide, very resistant and well designed. Drawcord at the waist and reinforced crotch. Very comfortable to wear. Wash and easy drying.
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White Capoeira Pants - Man and Woman (Abada)

White capoeira pants (uniform - abada) perfect for training or official performances. 100% polyamide 250g / m² (resistant and light), reinforced seams and crotch. Very comfortable to wear, light and stretchy. Easy washing. Very fast drying. Drawstring at the waist and 8 loops for the rope. Excellent quality Leading Brazilian brand Marimbondo Sinha. Size...
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Capoeira gifts at small price for the pleasure of offering or gifts for the amateur enthusiast capoeira, you are exactly at the right place! Think about gifts cards !!

Merry Christmas, Happy Birthday etc... joy everywhere :)