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Mestre Boca Rica (Manoel Silva) was born on 11/26/1936 in the city of Maragogipe-BA. He moved to Salvador-BA in the 1950s, the same period he started his practice in Capoeira Angola with Mestre Pastinha at the Centro Esportivo de Capoeira Angola (CECA), located in Pelourinho n°19. Capoeira provided him with experiences such as traveling to more than 40 countries, playing for Queen Elizabeth and the Princess of Denmark, participating in the recording of the film Pagador de Promessas, receiving the title of Notório Saber by D. Pedro II College of Salvador and the Tomé de Souza medal by the Chamber of Salvador and currently has more than 10 cds released in the world of Capoeira. He is a highly respected master and known worldwide as a great singer. Some songs are unmistakable in his voice such as: "Mandei caiar meu sobrado", "Maranhão", "Sambalelê bateu na porta", etc. He is one of the few Mestres who wants to sing and keep the deep tuning of the berimbaus like the old ones. He is an expert berimbau player, knowing several Toques, including several of Capoeira Regional. His reference in Capoeira is his Mestre Pastinha and the singers Mestre Waldemar da Paixão and Mestre Bimba. From the height of his 84 years Mestre Boca Rica is still active and very present in the Rodas de Capoeira.

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