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CM Coelho has been practicing Capoeira since 1999, has been a teacher of this art in Rio Claro-SP since 2005, has been in charge of Capoeira Studio since 2013, where he offers Capoeira classes for all ages. Since 2018 he has graduated as a Capoeira Contramestre and in addition to his daily work with Capoeira, he currently maintains a parallel work with Capoeira musicality on Social Networks, which has managed to reach people from all over the world.

Since 2005, he has held Capoeira Festivals in the city of Rio Claro, in which several children have participated.

teenagers and adults, in addition to receiving and bringing to the city of Rio Claro-SP several capoeiristas and Mestres of

Capoeira recognized in the national and international circuit.

My objective with the berimBATIDA is to contribute to the Capoeira community in general in terms of music, therefore, daily, through social networks, content is posted with information, classes and discussions about the Berimbau and alerting capoeiristas to the importance of understanding Capoeira music. The berimBATIDA, currently is on Instagram (11.5K), TikTok (5K), Facebook (1.4K), YouTube (1.3K), Whatsapp (256 people in the Group), Telegram (100 people in the community, so daily people from all over the world contact me to discuss, clarify doubts or even take online Berimbau classes. Learn a little more:

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Book: Manoel Silva Mestre Boca Rica - Historias e Lições...

How did the boy Manoel Silva become Mestre Boca Rica? How was the boy's journey to become Master Boca Rica? How was Mestre Boca Rica's relationship with Mestre Pastinha? Which student of Mestre Pastinha has always enchanted him? Who are the singers of yesterday and today that Mestre Boca Rica loves? Who are the Mestres de Capoeira Angola recognized by...
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