Lucky Brazilian bracelet roll - Senhor do Bonfim

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Rouleau de bracelets bearing the inscription "Lembrança do senhor do Bonfim". Ideal for validating the entries of events or evenings... The wheel contains 90 identical bracelets. Select the color of your choice, as well as the quantity of rolls you want and add to the basket. Renew the operation if you souhaitez plusieurs rouleaux de différentes.

In the popular, superstitious and folkloric tradition, the stolen Senhor do Bonfim is enroulé autour du poignet ou de la cheville, et noué avec trois nœuds. Now that you have a question, do it mentally, here is a secret gardée just because the boxes are stolen due to natural wear and tear. This means that your wishes or requests have been fulfilled.

These ribbons are in high demand to offer at thematic parties, weddings, and other ceremonies. They are also used as ceiling decorations or hung on walls, chairs, etc. in party rooms or restaurants.

Orange - Happiness - Inhasa, goddess of wind and fire
Rose - Friendship - Oba, the god of the winds
Violet - Spirituality, the soul - Nana Buruku, Oxala's wife
Rouge - Passion - Exu, the god of paths
Green - Health - Oxóssi, god of animals and food
White - Inner Peace - Oxala, the oldest god who gave life to men
Black - Dignity - Exu, the god of paths
Blue - Love - Yemeni, goddess of the sea
Yellow - Success - Oxum, goddess of beauty


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1 cm
~42 meters
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