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Historian, philosopher and founding master of the group Negaça Capoeira, Mestre Chitãozinho has written several books on Capoeira ...


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Book : A Arte da Conversação do Jogo da Capoeira

The art of conversation in the game of Capoeira remains as a living enigma in the intimate and relational activity of the capoeirista. This is so much in the ways that they feel, think, act or react to subjective and objective negotiations.
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Book : A Fina Flor da Malandragem Capoeiristica

The fine flower of capoeirística malandragem is not only a knowledge that the soul of the capoeirista continues to configure in its intimate structure through the ages, but a practical philosophy that can come to be embodied, circumstantially, through the daily experiences...

Book : A morte de Besouro Mangangá

The Death of Besouro Mangangá is a fascinating work not only for the profile of his attractive and creative narrative, but also for his exciting character.

Book : Assim disse Mestre Pastinha

Mestre Pastinha, as well as Mestre Bimba and other great capoeiristas of the past, had understanding and courage to map a complex and visionary geography in Capoeira, which we travel with greater clarity and easiness in our days... 35 pages booklet in Portuguese.

Book : Consciência Capoeiristica

Consciousness Capoeiristica is a book that not only awakened new understandings in those who read it, but challenged many ideas already established in Capoeira on what becomes capoeira consciousness...