Lucky Brazilian bracelet roll - Senhor do Bonfim

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Roll of multicolored bracelets bearing the inscription "Lembrança do senhor do Bonfim". Ideal to validate the entries of the events or evenings ... Each roll contains about 90 bracelets.

Orange - Happiness - Inhasa, goddess of wind and fire
Rose - Friendship - Oba, the god of the winds
Violet - Spirituality, the soul - Nana Buruku, Oxala's wife
Rouge - Passion - Exu, the god of paths
Green - Health - Oxóssi, god of animals and food
White - Inner Peace - Oxala, the oldest god who gave life to men
Black - Dignity - Exu, the god of paths
Blue - Love - Yemeni, goddess of the sea
Yellow - Success - Oxum, goddess of beauty

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