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"Nagé, o homem que luto Capoeira até morrer". The last book (posthumous) of Fredérico José de Abreu released in December 2017. Exceptional book of 130 pages in color. Beautiful images and valuable historical content. For history lovers of Capoeira. In Portuguese.

Color book
130 pages
Language: Portuguese (Brazilian)

Book launch ceremony in Salvador de Bahia here:

Nagé, is a book by the Bahian researcher / historian  Fred Abreu who died in 2013 and is known as one of the greatest researchers and scholars of capoeira in the world.

Although he was one of the bravest blacks in the history of Bahia, the story of Nagé has been little told and little represented in the research, tributes and historical archives of the great capoeiristas of Bahia. This void can begin to be filled from December 14, 2017, at 6 pm, when the book "Nagé" will be launched at Forte da Capoeira.

Many "courageous" who helped build and shape the legacy of black art fights in Brazil have been forgotten, erased from the memory of capoeira for political and social reasons. Nagé was one of them, although immortalized by the lens of filmmaker Alexandre Robatto and also put forward by intellectuals like writer Jorge Amado, and art critic Wilson da Rocha.

"Swam, voluntarily or involuntarily, joined the list of "capoeira files"..." The presence of these brave people disturbing order cannot be erased from the memory of capoeira. " Fred Abreu.

A history of resistance of the oppressed... The author also warns us: "As far as I know, there is no research or" cultural mission "in progress, nor government actions in the field of culture, in perspective, to identify these very important characters for capoeira ”. With the publication of this new book, Frede Abreu - who devoted much of his life to studying and disseminating popular demonstrations and divulged former masters and capoeira struggles such as punga, batuque, tambor de crioula, bassula and mouringué - invites us once again to know and respect the memory of the ancestors who have greatly contributed to perpetuating the legacy of capoeira.

The book is illustrated with unpublished photographs, research and relevant discussions on capoeira de rua and the masters of yesteryear.


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