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Agogo Capoeira - Mestre Valmir das Biribas

Agogo from the Mestre Valmir das Biribas workshop ("Cidade Baixa" - Salvador de Bahia). Handcrafted in wood and castagne nuts. PLEASE NOTE: Non-contractual photos. Each manufactured instrument is unique! However, we guarantee you an impeccable quality with a visual aspect as close as possible to our shots.

Agogo de castagne

Agogo conçu en bois + noix de castagne.

Berimbau - Valmir

Un berimbau de bonne facture pour un prix compétitif.

Berimbau - Valmir Das Biribas

Berimbau made by Valmir das Biribas. True biriba wood (quite heavy). These berimbaus are resistant and have a good life span. The finish is simple and efficient. Ideal for anyone looking for a berimbau that sounds good for a limited budget.The berimbau and the calabash are varnished for better protection. Sold with arame, baguette in biriba and stone....
Price €88.09

Berimbau for kids from bahia

Berimbau of small size (110cm) and weight suitable for children / teenagers (approximately 7/14 years old). This berimbau will please the youngest capoeirists. Sold with its arame (string), stick and stone. Biriba wood (traditional, strong and flexible at the same time).

Biriba wood for Berimbau

Wood in real Biriba, ready for use. Double leather on the top and varnished set. Ideal for making your own Berimbau or replacing its broken wood. Wood from a family farm in Bahia (Island of Itaparica - Salvador de Bahia)
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Calabash for berimbau

Calabash for berimbau (cabaça) varnished and ready to use (supplied with its rummy).Our calabashes are carefully selected to ensure optimal sound for your berimbau. Imported from Salvador de Bahia.Four models of calabashes are available: VIOLA (small size - high sound), MEDIO (medium size - intermediate sound), GUNGA or BERRA-BOI (large size - low sound),...
Price €17.67
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Kids Berimbau

Berimbau made in Salvador de Bahia, cradle of Capoeira in Brazil. Small in size (around 1 meter) and light, this small berimbau is ideal for learning children (from 5/7 years old) or for decoration. The latter is decorated and varnished (colored paints).
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