Berimbau for sale. Buy a quality Berimbau for Capoeira. From Brasil. Berimbau children and adults.


Do you want to buy a quality Capoeira Berimbau at a good price? We offer different models, made in Brazil. For adults or children.

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Kids Berimbau

Berimbau made in Salvador de Bahia, cradle of Capoeira in Brazil. Small in size (around 1 meter) and light, this small berimbau is ideal for learning children (from 5/7 years old) or for decoration. The latter is decorated and varnished (colored paints). Please note: due to their format, delivery of berimbaus is often delayed (manual processing by...
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Berimbau Capoeira Regional - Mestre Nenel - Profissional

Berimbau for traditional "Capoeira Regional" made by Mestre Nenel himself in Salvador de Bahia. Signature of the Mestre and date of manufacture pyrographed on the wood. "Professional" model Fully varnished instrument. Typical sound of regional capoeira (low tuning). Comes with wand, stone and caxixi. The varnish can be red/brown depending on the master's...
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Berimbau - Valmir Das Biribas

Berimbau designed by Valmir das Biribas. Real biriba wood (fairly heavy). These berimbaus are resistant and have a good lifespan. The finish is simple and effective. Ideal for anyone looking for a berimbau that sounds good on a limited budget. The berimbau and the calabash are varnished for better protection. Sold with arame, biriba stick and stone. Dense...
Price €90.00

Calabash seed for Berimbau - Natural seed

100% natural gourd type gourd seeds. Ideal for producing your own gourds. Breed perfectly suited to making berimbau. Made from gourds cultivated in Portugal by us, without any treatment or chemical fertilizer. Calabash of Brazilian origin (Bahia) which has been adapted / acclimatized to the European soil and climate in order to maximize the success of...

Biriba wood for Berimbau

Wood in real Biriba, ready for use. Double leather on the top and varnished set. Ideal for making your own Berimbau or replacing its broken wood. Wood from a family farm in Bahia (Island of Itaparica - Salvador de Bahia) Please note: due to their format, delivery of berimbaus is often delayed (manual processing by carriers). Allow 5-6 additional days....
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The Berimbau (pronounced berimbao) is a strung string instrument of African origin. Emblem of Capoeira, the latter would have appeared in Brazil during colonization by the Portuguese.

Gunga or Berra-boi (low), Medio (medium) or viola (high) type, this musical arc is played with a stick and a pebble or dobrão (sort of thick metal piece). It can also be accompanied by a caxixi (closed basket in the shape of a bell containing small beads or seeds).

Several toques (rhythms) impose a type of game in the round of Capoeira.

The berimbau controls the roda, it is generally held in hand by the master or the most senior. offers you different berimbaus, at different prices, to choose according to your desires and / or needs. They are all made specifically for the round of capoeira, of a high quality, and carefully packaged to guarantee you great satisfaction.