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DVD Mestre Toni Vargas : Capoeiriste Poète

A documentary film about the great Mestre Toni Vargas (grupe Senzala). Caline Delhem paints the portrait of the master with interviews. Shot in Rio de Janeiro in 2011. Duration 52min + Bonus (roda). Portuguese subtitled French.
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DVD Vida de Mandingueiro

DVD directed by the French Cécile Bennegent and Mathias Monarque "Vida de Mandingueiro" [Being Capoeira]. With interviews of Mestres: Toni Vargas, Leopoldina, Garrincha, Gigante, Lua Rasta, Sorriso, Chão, Fred Abreu, Peixinho etc ...52 minutes movie + 1h bonus. See the trailer in the "video" tab.
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