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Born in Central, in the city of Chapada Diamantina, he has lived in Feira de Santana since the first years of his life. Kissa's father, Maisha and Mosi. Graduated in History from UEFS, master and doctor from UFBA. Capoeira master, coordinates the Malungo Centro de Capoeira Angola, a cultural entity that develops capoeira work in Bahia and Pará. Professor of African History at UNEB, he has dedicated himself to studies on black populations, with several books and articles published on social history of culture. Member of networks of researchers from different Brazilian universities. His most recent book was published by Editora Mondrongo, in 2019, under the title “O annucungo de Cassange: an essay on the musical arc in the Atlantic universe”.

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Book : O Urucungo de Cassange

O Urucungo de Cassange. Book in Portuguese by the historian and capoeirist Dr. Bel. Urucungo or Berimbau is the musical arc used in Capoeira. Josivaldo (Bel Pires) finds evidence of the use of this instrument before its popularization, thanks to rounds of capoeira. The last quarter of the 19th century and the first half of the 20th century situate the...
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