Capoeira material and accessories: Caxixi, baguette, Arame, Dobrao, Rami


The essential accessories for instruments of Capoeira ... Repair your berimbau or simply replace a part (baguette, caxixi, dobrão, calabash, arame, rami, etc) ...


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High quality Dobrão to play the berimbau. (See technical sheet below). Sold individually. Brass (1), bronze (2) or stainless steel (3). - Brass: It is the most classic material in the manufacture of Dobrões - Bronze: A noble material for a Dobrão which will resist oxidation better. Visually it is almost identical to brass. - Stainless steel: Stainless...
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Berimbau stick - Tucum

Wooden Wand tucum (polished) for the berimbau. Sold individually.Excellent quality / durability.
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Arame Berimbau string - 170 cm

Arame (string for berimbau) ready to use. Quality steel or steel wire (solid) and natural string (cotton). Traditional handmade. Sold in an individual package for optimum protection against oxidation.
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Dobrão for berimbau

Brass dobrão for berimbau. This is a brass piece, rather heavy, which replaces the stone (or pebble) to play the berimbau. It is one of the accessories of the berimbau like the wand or the caxixi.
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Calabash for berimbau

Calabash for berimbau (cabaça) varnished and ready to use (supplied with its rummy).Our calabashes are carefully selected to ensure optimal sound for your berimbau. Imported from Salvador de Bahia.Four models of calabashes are available: VIOLA (small size - high sound), MEDIO (medium size - intermediate sound), GUNGA or BERRA-BOI (large size - low sound),...
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Leather for berimbau

Leather piece of protection against the arama of your berimbau. Thickness 4 / 5mm (ideal for your berimbau). High quality leather. Square piece of 3 x 3 cm to cut to the size of your wood (wet the latter to soften before cutting). Provide 2 nails + glue to fix it (not supplied).
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Caxixi for Berimbau

Caxixi in junco made by Queixada in Bahia. 2 sizes to choose from:- Standard = classic adult size- Small = Size for teenagers / children or women (finer fingers)
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Cord for berimbau 3.5mm (rami)

String gourd for arame or natural linen. 3.5 mm diameter. Sold by the meter.
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Wand biriba stick for berimbau

Wooden Wand biriba stick for the berimbau. Traditional manufacture of biriba wood. Premium quality. Sold individually.
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Arame sold by the meter (berimbau string)

Arame for quality berimbau. Diameter 0.8 mm (standard size - suitable for all berimbaus), sold by the meter (more economical). Anti-oxidation treated for a better longevity.
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Stone for berimbau

Stone (pebble) natural to play berimbau. 2 sizes to choose from.
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Calabash Viola for berimbau

Calabash viola for berimbau varnished and ready to use (provided with its rami). These calabashes are carefully selected to ensure a good sound to your berimbau. Produced in Europe. See more info above
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Cotton cord 3 mm for calabash

Rummy / cotton cord / cord in natural woven cotton for calabash or arama of the berimbau. Diameter 3mm. Sold by the meter.
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Berimbau Stick - Green Tucum

Berimbau stick in green tucum wood (polished). The color differs from classic Tucum sticks because the wood has been harvested while green. The quality is identical, only the color changes. Excellent quality / solidity. Sold individually.
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Custom Dobrão

Dobrão personalized with your logo / design. High quality manufacturing, materials of your choice (Brass, Bronze or Stainless steel). Laser engraved. Several possible effects (see photo and video below). Rates depending on the quantity, design and type of engraving. From 7eur piece. Contact us.

Atabaque foot

Atabaque foot, handmade by a craftsman specialized in the manufacture of atabaque. Quality wood and glue laid in the rules of the art (designed to last). Rubber protection around the edge. Guaranteed money back. Other dimensions possible on order.
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Atabaque's support - Square

Square support for atabaque. Handmade by a craftsman specializing in the manufacture of atabaque. Recycled materials (wood and rubber). Simple, light and efficient. Other dimensions possible on order.
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Whistle Apito Bahia Capoeira

Whistle made by hand and in wood (Brazil). Useful for animating rodas or courses of Regional Capoeira. Designed initially for Samba.
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Tucum Berimbau Stick Capoeira Shop

Baguette for the berimbau in ultra smooth tucum wood (polished-gloss). Handcrafted in São Paulo. Sold individually. Premium quality.
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Cutter for Berimbau's leather

Cookie cutter, round to strike with hammer or mallet. Allows you to cut a round of leather easily and perfectly for your Berimbau. Straight sleeve. High strength steel blade that can be sharpened many times. Choice of diameter: 20mm, 22mm or 24mm
Price €15.00
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