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There are a lot of books on capoeira but there are few quality books in French. In the description of the product the language will be specified. As always, we select for you the best and the best price.


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Book "O Batuque, a luta braba" (Frede Abreu)

This fantastic bilingual book (Portuguese and English) is the result of research carried out for several years by Frede Abreu, the famous researcher, historian and writer who is passionate about the history of capoeira and the Bahian culture that died in 2013. This rare book of Capoeira is no longer published, these are the last copies. Preserved preciously!
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"Expressão da Arte" May-June 2013

Magazine in pocket format (see photo) of the "Expressão da Arte" collection. Latest copies of the May-June 2003 edition. For collectors or for those who want to know more about Capoeira ...Booklet in Portuguese.
Price €12.25

"Expressão da Arte" April 2017

Mini magazine of capoeira pocket size of the collection "Expressão da Arte". Last edition (April 2017). For collectors and those who want to know more about Capoeira ... Booklet in Portuguese.
Price €11.23

Book "Nagé" Fred Abreu

"Nagé, o homem que luto Capoeira até morrer". The last book (posthumous) of Fredérico José de Abreu released in December 2017. Exceptional book of 130 pages in color. Beautiful images and valuable historical content. For history lovers of Capoeira. In Portuguese.
Price €93.40

Capoeira Regional : A escola de M. Bimba (Mestre Xaréu)

Capoeira'a book of Mestre Xaréu (Hellio Campos) shot 700 copies in 2009. A trip to the heart of the academy of the great Mestre Bimba.
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Book : Encruzilhadas fotográficas of Marcel Gautherot

From the unpublished photographs of the Frenchman Marcel Gautherot portraying the Bahia capoeira wheels of the 1940s and 1950s, the author discusses this cultural manifestation of African roots investigating its place in that context. It is the symbolic dimension of the bodies that gyrate in the wheel, its language, its statements and its narratives that...
Price €47.07

Book : Os Capoeiras - Plácido de Abreu

Jair Moura, great historian and writer for the community "Capoeira" offers us a book based on the writings of Placido de Abreu. Another historical trip of great interest to learn more about the Capoeira of Rio de Janeiro at the end of the 19th century. Portuguese book.
Price €37.64

Mestre Nenel's book : Bimba one century of capoeira regional

Bilingual book (English - Portuguese) written by Mestre Nenel in person (the son of Mestre Bimba)! An essential book, written for those who wish to deepen their knowledge of the traditions of Capoeira Regional. 169 pages.
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Book : Nas rodas da Capoeira e da vida

Nas rodas da Capoeira e da vida - Corpo experiência e tradição. Christine Nicole Zonzon.
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Book: Política da Capoeiragem

Política da Capoeiragem : A História Social da Capoeira do Boi-Bumbá no Pará Republicano (1888-1906). Marconi Leal. Portuguese book. 235 pages.
Price €27.36

Book : O Barracão do Mestre Waldemar

Book "O Barracão do Mestre Waldemar" by Frede Abreu, great historian of Capoeira. 78 pages. Content of great richness and unpublished photographs. A must for enthusiasts. Edition 2017. Language: Brazilian
Price €83.96

Book : O Urucungo de Cassange

O Urucungo de Cassange. Book in Portuguese by the historian and capoeirist Dr. Bel. Urucungo or Berimbau is the musical arc used in Capoeira. Josivaldo (Bel Pires) finds evidence of the use of this instrument before its popularization, thanks to rounds of capoeira. The last quarter of the 19th century and the first half of the 20th century situate the...
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Livre: Jogo de Angola: Vida e Obra - Mestre Jogo de Dentro

In his book, Jogo de Angola: Vida e Obra, Mestre Jogo de Dentro tells us his story through a captivating story. Anecdotes, memories, quotes ... here is his work. An essential book accessible to the greatest number because it is bilingual: English - Portuguese.
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Discover ancient and rare books, manuscripts of missing masters, books published in limited copies, beautiful books on Capoeira, original and informative gift ideas.
You will learn a lot about the history and origins of Capoeira by browsing the books of the greatest researchers and historians of Capoeira (Fred Abreu, Jair Moura, Carlos Eugênio etc. Some testimonials, or ancient writings, have an inestimable cultural value Why Capoeira was forbidden and then tolerated to finally be authorized and even encouraged by the Brazilian authorities? How did the former Capoeira masters live?