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Sidney Santos de Jesus

Date of birth: April 1, 1962

Marital Status: Single

Educational Background: High School

Graduated in Basic Chemistry Qualification

Languages: Portuguese

Born in Santo Amaro da Purificação/Bahia, I had direct contact with capoeira since my childhood, having officially started in capoeira in 1989, training with Mestre Macaco in Santo Amaro. Due to my dedication to capoeira in 1995 I started teaching capoeira, not only in the Recôncavo, but in other cities in Bahia and also in other states. I graduated Mestre de Capoeira on December 21, 2013, by Mestre Carcará de Santo Amaro and had my graduation confirmed on the spot by the Mestres: Mestres Felipe, Gary, Messias and Dimas.

Founder of the Grupo de Capoeira Tradição Quilombola, which proposes to rescue the traditional capoeira of Santo Amaro, as faithful as possible to what was practiced by the old masters of the city. Through a seven-year partnership with UNILAB, the group absorbed several African students who now make up the group, which promotes cultural and intellectual exchange between Africans and Brazilians who are in different neighborhoods and realities of Santo Amaro and São Francisco do Conde .

In 2014 I started the OBRE project (Orquestra de Berimbaus do Recôncavo) at UNILAB Campus dos Malês in the city of São Francisco do Conde\ Bahia and at Colégio Estadual Senador Pedro Lago in the city of Santo Amaro \Bahia. The project lasted 02 (two years) and was the bridge for the continuity of this partnership with the University, remaining at the institution giving capoeira training. Still at UNILAB, I started a new project that took the name of Philosophical and Practical Foundations of Capoeira and Samba, adding classes in Maculelê and Toque of the various instruments of Popular Culture: Atabaque, Berimbau, Pandeiro, Agogô. In addition to teaching how to play, the project included classes in making these same instruments. In this process of Sharing the Construction of Knowledge about the various instruments, we brought other mestres from various Capoeira groups, Old Mestres such as Mestre Messias (now deceased) from São Brás district of the Municipality of Santo Amaro and Mestre Felipe Santiago de Santo Amaro, today the Oldest Capoeira Master in the World in activity, 96 years old. We promote several Capoeira events, in which African and Brazilian students graduated, attracting and involving residents of the Baixa Fria Region (São Francisco do Conde) and also in the City of Santo Amaro, absorbing young people from the periphery and downtown.

In 2015 I was in Germany, invited to teach theoretical and practical classes of Capoeira, in several academies in Berlin.

In 2017, I participated in the Training and Qualification course for Cultural Agents held at UFBA, which promoted the qualification of Cultural Agents.

In 2019, we approved the Orquestra de Berimbau project in the Notice published by the Santo Amaro judiciary.

In 2020 I received the "Berimbau de Ouro" Award, dedicated to Capoeiristas and non-capoeiristas who stand out in the Popular Culture sector.

Also in 2020, we were covered by the Aldir Blanc law, which provided for support to cultural groups and associations.

In 2018 I was invited to participate in the International Conference on Culture, Diaspora, Emancipatory Challenges for Contemporary Africa that took place on the island of Praia in Cape Verde\ Africa, having space to speak and being the only Capoeira representative at the event. On this occasion, we visited several high schools conducting practical and theoretical classes talking about Capoeira and also about Popular Culture in Brazil, which was for me a moment of great joy and emotion in being part of this great cultural meeting on African soil.

Following this walk and struggle for popular culture, having come from the union and political struggle, my aspiration is to increasingly research the Popular culture of my territory, share knowledge and invest in the formation of political awareness among us, cultural agents, so that we can have autonomy in our cultural making.

I am a father, grandfather, companion, teacher, student and Santo Amaro who finds in capoeira space to live and express the dream of freedom and rise of the black people, in the appreciation of their culture and their lives.

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Book: Nossos Mestres, Nossa Cultura, Capoeira em Santo...

"Nossos Mestres, Nossa Cultura, Capoeira em Santo Amaro - Bahia" is a book about the roots of capoeira. It tells a bit about the history of the Capoeira masters of the city of Santo Amaro and also the traditional Bembé do Mercado, talks about samba and other cultures of the Brazilian people! It is a book full of historical information. Author: Mestre...
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Knife in Tucum - F. Besouro Mangangá

This decorative object is a traditional tucum wood knife. This replica of the knife that reportedly fatally injured Besouro Mangangá in 1924 is handcrafted by Mestre Sidney De Jesus (Fundação Besouro Mangangá - Santo Amaro) using traditional methods. Each piece is unique but the dimensions are practically identical from one knife to another. 100% Natural...
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Tshirt Instituto Besouro Mangangá

Official tshirt of the Instituto Besouro Mangangá (founded by Mestre Sidney de Jesus in Santo Amaro - Recôncavo - Brazil). Unisex. This foundation aims to safeguard and disseminate the true story of the icon of Capoeira, the great Besouro Mangangá (Manuel Henrique Pereira 1885-1924). A documentary film is being produced in order to enhance and disseminate...
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Caxixi Fundação Besouro Mangangá

Caxixi for berimbau in junco and natural seeds, distributed by Pre Fundação Besouro Mangangá under the direction of Mestre Sidney Santos de Jesus. Sold individually. The FBM Foundation, aims to divulge the story of the icon of Capoeira, Besouro Mangangá. Indeed, for a long time considered a legend, the latter became a historical figure during extensive...

Berimbau stick - Tucum

Tucum wood stick, polished (smooth and straight) for the berimbau made by Mestre Sidney de Jesus (Santo Amaro - Bahia). Sold individually. Excellent quality/solidity. Ideal for capoeiristas who like a very rigid stick but not too thick/heavy.
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Berimbau stick - Pau d'arco (ipê)

Berimbau stick in pau d'arco wood (smooth and straight) made by Mestre Sidney de Jesus (Santo Amaro - Bahia). Sold individually. Excellent quality/solidity. Ideal for capoeiristas who like a stick of intermediate weight and rigidity (between biriba and tucum for example). Brown/chestnut color.
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Berimbau stick - Massaranduba

Berimbau stick in Massaranduba wood (smooth and straight) made by Mestre Sidney de Jesus (Santo Amaro - Bahia). Sold individually. Excellent quality/solidity. Ideal for capoeiristas who like a stick of intermediate weight and rigidity (between biriba and tucum for example). Beautiful brown/red color.
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Film-Documentary: "A verdadeira história de Besouro...

The documentary, as the title suggests, aims to tell the real facts that involved this great capoeirista Mestre de Santo Amaro, from his birth to the events that followed his death. The documentary is expected to become teaching material, due to the lack of information and resources of this nature in formal education. It is intended that all of the...

Calabash for berimbau

Calabash for berimbau (cabaça) varnished and ready to use (supplied with its rami). Produced in Santo Amaro (Recôncavo Baiano, cradle of Capoeira). Our calabashes are carefully selected to ensure optimal sound for your berimbau. Imported from Salvador de Bahia. Four models of calabashes are available: VIOLA (small size - high sound), MEDIO (medium size -...
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Kid's Book: As aventuras do Besouro Mangangá

Manoel Henrique Pereira, Besourou Mangangá, is a symbol of resistance, perseverance, respect for Masters and elders and love for nature. This book is a tribute to those who love, practice and promote Capoeira. 10 color pages. Format 22.5cmx25cm
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