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Le Petit Manuel de Capoeira (book + CD)

"Le petit manuel de Capoeira" is the best-selling book in the world on the theme of Brazilian martial art.Mestre Nestor Capoeira, emblematic figure of this art, presents a precise history of the discipline as well as detailed exercises. It also explains the "spirit" of Capoeira.The book (last edition), in French, is accompanied by a bonus audio CD.

Bira Almeida - Capoeira : History, Philosophy and Practice

In his book (in French), Bira Almeida (Mestre Acordeon), describes the Capoeira with the eye of the historian and the heart of the enthusiast. It tells the story of this fabulous art, the history of Brazil and Salvador de Bahia (the birthplace of Capoeira), but also the emancipation of this practice in major North American and European cities.