Agogo and Reco Reco of quality designed for Capoeira

Agogo - Reco-reco

Our selection of agogo (castagne or metal) as well as our reco-reco (bamboo) designed and selected for the capoeira roda.


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Agogo engraved decorated Lua Rasta

Agogo de castagne made in the workshop of Mestre Lua Rasta in the Pelourinho in Salvador de Bahia. The pyrographed decorations on this instrument are the signature of a manufacture by Lua Rasta. Sold with the wooden stick to play. Excellent sound!
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Metal Agogo

Agogo of metal for capoeira angola. A beautiful instrument (hammered aspect) with a perfect sound for capoeira rodas. Delivered with 1 baguette.
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Reco Reco Bambu - Bahia

Reco Reco in bamboo, handmade in Bahia by Mestre Ivan (Santo Amaro). Sold with his stick to play. Very good value for money. Varnished instrument.
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The products of Capoeira Shop have all been the subject of special attention during manufacture, but also during packaging for transport. The goal is to offer you the best value for money. The satisfaction of our customers being our priority. Thank you for your confidence!