Capoeira cords for sale. Capoeira Belts. Adult (10-12mm) and child (8mm)

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All Capoeira cords are 100% natural cotton. Capoeira belts. Child and adult size.


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Adult Capoeira Cord (10-12mm)

Unbleached capoeira cord (graduation), 100% natural cotton with core, diameter 10mm or 12mm. Raw (without knot). Can be dyed easily. Very good resistance over time. Sold by the meter. For large quantities and roll of 100 meters (ideal for academies and capoeira associations) see...
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Children rope Brute (8mm)

Rope for child size capoeira pants. Natural ecru color. 100% Cotton, 8mm in diameter. Maybe tinted. CAUTION: A capoeira cord usually folds in 2 before being threaded through the belt loops (see teacher). To choose your size: (waist size + leg to knee height) X 2 Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any doubts.
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Rope Adult with knots

Rope unbleached 100%, 8 spindles, 10mm diameter cotton with a pink knot on each end. Can be dyed.CAUTION: capoeira cord often bends 2 before passing around the waist (see your teacher) ...To choose the right length (+ round belt waist height up to half molllet) x2.If you have any doubt do not hesitate to contact us ...
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Children rope with knots (8mm)

Unbleached 100% cotton rope (with core). Diameter 8mm with a pink bow at each end. Can be dyed. PLEASE NOTE: a capoeira cord often folds in 2 before passing it around the waist (see your teacher) ... To choose the right length: (waist circumference + waist height up to half the calf) x2. If you have any doubts do not hesitate to contact us ...
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Dye for capoeira belts

Tincture / dye from the brand Tupy (Brazil), to dye your Capoeira strings. Tupy® tincture is a dye of organic composition, its pH, on average, neutral, when dissolved in hot water, has no odor and its physical form is solid and has no toxic characteristics .
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Soft Capoeira rope - (8-10-12 mm)

Unbleached capoeira cord, 100% natural cotton, WITHOUT core, diameter 8mm, 10mm or 12mm. Natural. Sold by the meter (without knot). The soulless rope is softer, dyed more easily and offers better comfort (it is not rigid like ropes with soul). High quality braided cotton. If the product is not in stock, please contact us to order.
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We also sell dye (dye) for Capoeira strings. In powder, it is very practical and economical. Ideal for your batizado.