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Pandeiro Bahia Adult

Handmade pandeiro made by Queixada, specially designed for capoeira. Size: 10 inches. Resistant instrument offering very good longevity. The sound is pleasant and perfect for capoeira's rodas. Not refinable but does not go out of tune. Natural leather (goat).
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Kids Capoeira Pants

Kids Capoeira pants for boys and girls (white - traditional uniform). Perfect for training or official performances. 100% polyamide trousers, reinforced seams and crotch. Very comfortable to wear, lightweight, stretchy and resistant. Easy washing and very fast drying. Drawcord at the waist and loops for the rope.From 2 years old to 14 years old.Size 16 =...
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RUM Atabaque Busca Longe

RUM Atabaque of high quality, manufactured in the workshop of Busca Longe São Paulo (global standard). Genuine leather (cowhide). Peroba wood varnish Rose (best for making atabaques). Solid rope and hoop iron. His impeccable. Comes with wooden foot. Neat package.


High quality Dobrão to play the berimbau. (See technical sheet below). Sold individually. Brass (1), bronze (2) or stainless steel (3). - Brass: It is the most classic material in the manufacture of Dobrões - Bronze: A noble material for a Dobrão which will resist oxidation better. Visually it is almost identical to brass. - Stainless steel: Stainless...
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Arame Berimbau string - 170 cm

Arame (string for berimbau) ready to use. Quality steel or steel wire (solid) and natural string (cotton). Traditional handmade. Sold in an individual package for optimum protection against oxidation.
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Adult Capoeira Cord (10-12mm)

Unbleached capoeira cord (graduation), 100% natural cotton with core, diameter 10mm or 12mm. Raw (without knot). Can be dyed easily. Very good resistance over time. Sold by the meter. For large quantities and roll of 100 meters (ideal for academies and capoeira associations) see...
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Cover Pandeiro - 10" Black

Protective black cover for pandeiro 10 inches (cover 28-30 cm in diameter). Padded to absorb any shocks. Pocket for storing the ripening key. Handle + handle for transport.
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"Expressão da Arte" May-June 2003

Magazine in pocket format (see photo) of the "Expressão da Arte" collection. Latest copies of the May-June 2003 edition. For collectors or for those who want to know more about Capoeira ...Booklet in Portuguese.
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Pandeiro Mestre Lua Rasta

Handcrafted pandeiro made of wood and natural goat skin. Manufactured by Lua Rasta, world leader in percussion manufacturing. Specially designed for capoeira. Size: 10 inches. Can be tuned. Sold with the key of affination. Impeccable quality. The must!
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Children Capoeira cords (8mm)

Capoeira Cords for child size (Belt for capoeira pants). Natural ecru color. 100% Cotton, 8mm in diameter. Maybe tinted. CAUTION: A capoeira cord usually folds in 2 before being threaded through the belt loops (see teacher). To choose your size: (waist size + leg to knee height) X 2 Attention: We invite you to check / measure the diameter in mm of your...
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Caxixi for Berimbau

Caxixi in junco made by Queixada in Bahia. 2 sizes to choose from:- Standard = classic adult size- Small = Size for teenagers / children or women (finer fingers)
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Capoeira Pants - Green and Yellow

Capoeira pants - (abada for Capoeira) in green and yellow. Large specialized brand Capoeira: Marimbondo Sinha. 100% polyamide, reinforced seams and crotch. Very pleasant to wear. Easy washing.Drawstring on the belt.
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