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CD Semente Brotou Na Terra. Mestre Jogo de Dentro

Capoeira Angola CD from the great Mestre Jogo de Dentro. Semente Brotou Na Terra. This work offers traditional Capoeira music heard by the Mestre, in Salvador de Bahia, in the 1980s, but also music composed by the students of the group. Ladainhas, corridos and rhythms of berimbau, everything is there. Booklet in Portuguese and French with photos and...
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Livre: Jogo de Angola: Vida e Obra - Mestre Jogo de Dentro

In his book, Jogo de Angola: Vida e Obra, Mestre Jogo de Dentro tells us his story through a captivating story. Anecdotes, memories, quotes ... here is his work. An essential book accessible to the greatest number because it is bilingual: English - Portuguese.
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