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Book: Capoeira escrava - Carlos Eugênio Líbano Soares

Book: Capoeira escrava e outras tradições rebeldes no rio de janeiro (1808 - 1850). Describes and analyzes the trajectory of slave capoeira and other manifestations of rebellion in the city of Rio de Janeiro, at the beginning of the 19th century. Documents the progressive evolution of capoeira in the political and cultural context, including the role of...
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Book "Os Capoeiras" - Plácido de Abreu - 1886

Original book "Os Capoeiras". The 1st capoeira book in the world, written in 1886 in Rio de Janeiro by the author Plácido de Abreu. A novel recounting the life of Capoeiras in Rio de Janeiro in the 19th century. Considering the time in which it was written and the difficulties inherent to the moment, Os Capoeiras is a faithful record. “The most rational...
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Kid's Book: As aventuras do Besouro Mangangá

Manoel Henrique Pereira, Besourou Mangangá, is a symbol of resistance, perseverance, respect for Masters and elders and love for nature. This book is a tribute to those who love, practice and promote Capoeira. 10 color pages. Format 22.5cmx25cm
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Capoeira Shoes - Rainha VL2500 - Beige/Black

The Rainha VL 2500 shoes offer maximum comfort so you can enjoy your rounds and capoeira training in style. The Brazilian brand created in 1934, has been the benchmark for Capoeiristas since the 1980s.These are the ideal shoes for outdoor training.For ecological reasons, we have chosen to sell these shoes without the cardboard box, which in 90% of cases...
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White Abada CapoeiraShop

Official white Abada specially designed for the practice of Capoeira. Durable and very comfortable, this high-quality stretch polyamide fabric (300g/m2) guarantees impeccable quality for your training uniforms. High resistance seams. Reinforced crotch. Easy to wash and very quick to dry. Drawstring at the belt (internal left side) and 8 loops for the...
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