The Capoeira Shop

This shop has been created in order to make it more accessible to the Brazilian crafts Capoeiristas all anxious to get quality equipment at the best price (Instruments Made in Brazil)

Suppliers that we offer are ALL artisans recognized worldwide and that's why we count on the fingers of the hand.

We chose to offer fewer references but exclusively articles of high quality.

Capoeira the greatest masters have participated in the development of this project: Make a site exclusively featuring the best global suppliers.

So the beginner Capoeirista is certain to buy a quality product and professional Capoeirisite saves time by browsing the website (no need to sort, there is that much).

The Capoeira Shop Team

We are, above all, capoeira practitioners. We are also requesting a certain quality and it's probably one of the first reasons that led us to create this site.

Therefore, mindful of its service provided to the customer, our team works hard to deliver in the shortest time reliable equipment, checked / verified and well packaged.

We are in direct contact with the Brazilian craftsmen (we even friends) and we want to disclose their skills on the world stage through fair trade. Periodically we travel to Brazil to meet with them and see what's new.

We do not let's break the price but we negotiate fair prices for the quality offered.

We are committed to this and we support the work of these men devoted to Brazilian culture and especially in Capoeira.

Through our relationship, we are the only ones to offer some references that are sold in the Academy of the master concerned in Brazil. Many items are not found elsewhere on CAPOEIRASHOP.FR

Money back guarantee

An article does not suit you? You have simply changed your mind? Did you wrong size?

No problem, you have 14 days to return the item in its original packaging and we will refund without question.