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Kids Capoeira Pants

Kids Capoeira pants for boys and girls (white - traditional uniform). Perfect for training or official performances. 100% polyamide trousers, reinforced seams and crotch. Very comfortable to wear, lightweight, stretchy and resistant. Easy washing and very fast drying. Drawcord at the waist and loops for the rope. From 2 years old to 14 years old.
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Children Capoeira cords (8mm)

Capoeira Cords for child size (Belt for capoeira pants). Natural ecru color. 100% Cotton, 8mm in diameter. Maybe tinted. CAUTION: A capoeira cord usually folds in 2 before being threaded through the belt loops (see teacher). To choose your size: (waist size + leg to knee height) X 2 Attention: We invite you to check / measure the diameter in mm of your...
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Kids Berimbau

Berimbau made in Salvador de Bahia, cradle of Capoeira in Brazil. Small in size (around 1 meter) and light, this small berimbau is ideal for learning children (from 5/7 years old) or for decoration. The latter is decorated and varnished (colored paints).
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Children rope with knots (8mm)

Unbleached 100% cotton rope (with core). Diameter 8mm with a pink bow at each end. Can be dyed. PLEASE NOTE: a capoeira cord often folds in 2 before passing it around the waist (see your teacher) ... To choose the right length: (waist circumference + waist height up to half the calf) x2. If you have any doubts do not hesitate to contact us ...
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Pandeiro for kids - Bahia

Small pandeiro 8 inches (about 20 cm) suitable for children. Homemade. Wood and natural skin. Very good value for money.
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Tee Shirt Capoeira Men and childs

Tee shirt with cut man marking on the front side. Choose white or black color and your size. QUALITY:JERSEY 190 - HEAVY WEIGHT100% semi-combed cotton RingspunBand at neckNeck elasthane rib CHOPPED OFF :Classic, Tubular
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Bracelet Olodum

Bracelet in wire braided to the color of the well known group of batucada "OLODUM". Adjustable height.
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Kids Capoeira pants Jamaica

Kids Capoeira pants, a unnisex cut (abada de capoeira) made by Marimbondo Sinha in the colors of Jamaica (white, green, yellow, red)! Very good manufacturing quality. 100% polyamide, reinforced seams and crotch. Very pleasant to wear. Easy washing. Resistant.Drawstring on the belt.
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Silicone Bracelet Girl and Boy "Sou Capoeira"

A bracelet 100% silicone with marking "SOU CAPOEIRA" (I am capoeira). A gift idea for a small price.child size / teenagers (see specifications below).Color choice: blue or pink.
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Caxixi for Berimbau

Caxixi in junco made by Queixada in Bahia. 2 sizes to choose from:- Standard = classic adult size- Small = Size for teenagers / children or women (finer fingers)
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Brazil flag with stick

Flag of Brazil with plastic fixing rod. Dimension 35x42 (see picture). Recto / verso pattern.Ideal for the promotion of your association (forums, events, internships etc.) or as a gift for children during training courses, for example.
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Brazilian wish bracelet Bonfim

Bracelets religious Bahiani multicolors bearing the inscription "Lembrança do senhor do Bonfim". Today, these lucky "fitas" are worn on the wrist as a fashion accessory or at events / parties. Ideal to validate entries or as a welcome gift!
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Lucky Brazilian bracelet roll - Senhor do Bonfim

Roll of multicolored bracelets bearing the inscription "Lembrança do senhor do Bonfim". Ideal to validate the entries of the events or evenings ... Each roll contains about 90 bracelets.
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Key ring Bahia Capoeira

Key ring Bahia. A gift idea for the budget.
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Brazil flag

Brazil flag made of fabric with fixing eyelets. Dimension 150x90. Recto / verso pattern.Ideal for the promotion of your association (forums, events, internships, etc.) or as a gift for children during training courses for example.
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Mini pandeiro key ring

Mini pandeiro key ring.Diameter 25mm.
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Kids Capoeira pants - Jamaica black

A black pants for the small capoeiriste, mixed cut (abada capoeira) brand Marimbondo Sinha in the colors of Jamaica (green, yellow, red)! Very comfortable to wear. Easy wash. Resistant. Drawstring at the waist.
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Kid's Pandeiro - Eco CS

Pandeiro (tambourine) for children from 3 years old. Small and very light. Ideal for the awakening of the little ones in course of Capoeira. Leather instrument on wooden strapping.
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T-Shirt Capoeira Child White kid

White Tshirt Capoeira Brasileira. Child size from 3/4 to 11/12 years old. 100% Cotton. Black print in "flock", resistant to washing and comfortable to wear (soft touch like velvet).
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Capoeira Pants Kids Jogging

Capoeira printed children's jogging pants. Straight cut with 2 side pockets and elastic waist + drawstring. Very comfortable and wash resistant. Color: black / white print. Size guide: Waist width / Leg height 5/6 YEARS: 26cm / 69cm7/8 YEARS: 28cm / 78cm9/10 YEARS: 30cm / 85cm11/12 YEARS: 32cm / 92cm USA size / inch5/6 years: 10,24"/27,17"7/8 years:...
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White or colored trousers, T-shirt and other clothing (white abada) for child.

The berimbaus in this section are small and lighter, as are the pandeiros.