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Manoel Nascimento Machado, known as Mestre Nenel, continues the work of his father - the famous Mestre Bimba, creator of Capoeira Regional - through the preservation and maintenance of the methodology, principles and traditions established by his father.

Several centers and schools are located in other parts of Salvador, as well as in other cities in Brazil and around the world.


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Berimbau Capoeira Regional - Mestre Nenel - Profissional

Berimbau for the traditional "Capoeira Regional" made by Mestre Nenel in person in Salvador de Bahia. Signature of the Mestre and date of manufacture pyrographed on the wood. "profissional" model. Fully varnished instrument. Typical regional capoeira sound (low tuning). Comes with wand, stone and caxixi.
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Book : Ele não Joga Capoeira. Ele Faz Cafuné

He does not play capoeira, he does cafuné - stories from Mestre Bimba's academy 'brings together articles and souvenirs of the author about living in Mestre Bimba's capoeira academy. The feelings of everyday life, of the lessons and presentations, are present in the pages of this publication.
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Mestre Nenel's book : Bimba one century of capoeira regional

Bilingual book (English - Portuguese) written by Mestre Nenel in person (the son of Mestre Bimba)! An essential book, written for those who wish to deepen their knowledge of the traditions of Capoeira Regional. 169 pages.
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