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The Mestre Bimba Foundation, is located in the historic center of Salvador da Bahia, the Pelourinho.

Manoel Nascimento Machado, known as Mestre Nenel, founded on June 10, 1986. Mestre Nenel continues the work of his father - the famous Mestre Bimba, creator of the Capoeira Regional - through the preservation and maintenance of the methodology, the principles and traditions established by his father.

Several centers and schools are located in other parts of Salvador, as well as in other cities in Brazil and around the world.

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Official "Filhos de Bimba" Tank Top Men

Official tank top "Filhos de Bimba, Escola de Capoeira" for the capoeira Regional. Coming from the Mestre Bimba Academy (Fundaçao Mestre Bimba) in the Pelourinho in Salvador de Bahia.Size S, M, L or XL.
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DVD Mestre Bimba : A Capoeira Iluminada

A film about the life of Manuel Dos Reis Machado, Mestre Bimba (1899 - 1974), which illuminated and revolutionized the practice of Capoeira, which earned him to be known and admired around the world. A story with a lot of Capoeira and many testimonies of his most important student and his entourage.A film by Luiz Fernando Goulart

Official Pants "Filhos de Bimba - Escola de Capoeira"

Official pants of the Capoeira school of Mestre Nenel (son of Mestre Bimba). Imported directly from the master's academy in Salvador de Bahia. 100% Helanca Polyester. Abada white, blue print with the mark "Filhos de Bimba - Escola de Capoeira". Elastic waistband and drawstring. Straight cut. Unisex.
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