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High quality Dobrão to play the berimbau. (See technical sheet below). Sold individually. Brass (1), bronze (2) or stainless steel (3).

- Brass: It is the most classic material in the manufacture of Dobrões

- Bronze: A noble material for a Dobrão which will resist oxidation better. Visually it is almost identical to brass.

- Stainless steel: Stainless steel, ultra resistant, chrome color.

More information in the description below.

Customizable product (Laser engraving), contact us.

1 / Brass is an alloy of copper and zinc. The advantage compared to certain other alloys used in the manufacture of Dobrão, is that the coating will not wear out while playing. Sometimes certain Dobrão sold commercially are covered with a thin layer of finish which gives it an attractive appearance but which in the end will very quickly flake off by rubbing the Arame of the berimbau.

2 / Bronze is an alloy of copper, lead, tin and zinc in different proportions. Bronze is the first metal alloy created by man. It is resistant, visually beautiful. These Dobrões offer a superb visual and better resistance to oxidation than the classic brass.

3 / Stainless steel, as its name suggests, is stainless. It will be the most resistant over time, its chrome color will not change.


Data sheet

50 gr environ
4 cm
4 mm
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