Capoeira Angola by Mestre Pastinha


Here is a book on Capoeira Angola in French, simple, accessible and pleasant to read. In this work translated from Portuguese (in its original version), the Master of Capoeira Angola, Vicente Ferreira Pastinha, offers us his point of view but also techniques, movements and traditional songs.

This book is no longer published / distributed. We managed to get hold of the last new copies.

In the 1940s, Vicente Ferreira Pastinha (1889-1981), known as Master Pastinha, opened in Salvador de Bahia in Brazil the very first teaching academy of Capoeira Angola, this Afro-Brazilian martial art bordering on theater, music, dance and storytelling. He himself discovered Capoeira in the streets during his adolescence, at a time when this practice, considered dangerous for public order, was repressed by the Brazilian authorities.

Recognized during his lifetime as an exceptional master, defending a practice directly inspired by the traditions of former African slaves, Master Pastinha left a legacy that still lives on today in Capoeira Angola academies around the world.

Accessible for the first time to the French-speaking public, Capoeira Angola by Master Pastinha is one of the first written sources on this art now recognized as a symbol of Brazilian culture.

In this work, the master capoeirista exposes his method, not only by codifying the technical and musical rules of Capoeira Angola, but also by showing how this physical discipline is a true artistic and philosophical expression which carries with it the memory of resistance. to slavery and the struggle for freedom.

Combining the text of Master Pastinha and illustrations inspired by the photographs present in the original edition, Capoeira Angola will allow confirmed followers to confront their practice with the teaching of a prestigious master and amateurs to discover the richness of a founding text. .

In preface, Thomas Santos proposes a voyage in the history of the capoeira with historical events sometimes unknown which will help the capoeirist to better understand the evolution of capoeira from its origins to today. How did the uniforms appear? How did Capoeira survive his persecution? How has it been prohibited, tolerated, repressed, or even encouraged by the Brazilian authorities?
The Mestre Pastinha offers us his vision of Capoeira, his philosophy, his codes and so on. He wrote this book with the help of a student in order to inform the Capoeiras of the time. This is one of the earliest written sources on Capoeira.
The French edition Afromundi was faithful to the spirit of pedagogy of the Master. Allying the text with illustrations inspired by the photographs present in the original edition (Portuguese).


ISBN: 978-2-9192-1502-7
Publisher: Afromundi
Date of publication: 05/01/2011
Number of Pages: 88
Dimensions: 20 x 12 cm
Weight: 100 g

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