Capoeira Angola by Mestre Pastinha


This is a book about Capoeira Angola in French, simple, effective and pleasant to read. In this faithful translation, the Master of Capoeira Angola, Vicente Ferreira Pastinha, offers us his point of view but also techniques, movements and traditional songs. The preface by Thomas Santos is remarkable and tells us of the historical facts and legends of Capoeira. Exciting !

In preface, Thomas Santos proposes a voyage in the history of the capoeira with historical events sometimes unknown which will help the capoeirist to better understand the evolution of capoeira from its origins to today. How did the uniforms appear? How did Capoeira survive his persecution? How has it been prohibited, tolerated, repressed, or even encouraged by the Brazilian authorities?
The Mestre Pastinha offers us his vision of Capoeira, his philosophy, his codes and so on. He wrote this book with the help of a student in order to inform the Capoeiras of the time. This is one of the earliest written sources on Capoeira.
The French edition Afromundi was faithful to the spirit of pedagogy of the Master. Allying the text with illustrations inspired by the photographs present in the original edition (Portuguese).


ISBN: 978-2-9192-1502-7
Publisher: Afromundi
Date of publication: 05/01/2011
Number of Pages: 88
Dimensions: 20 x 12 cm
Weight: 100 g

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