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CD Contra Mestre Rafael de Lemba

Cd + booklet of capoeira angola of the famous contra mestre Rafael de Lemba. An incredible atmosphere. Recording high quality and very lively music. Also the case is very beautiful. A great gift idea for example. Do not miss !

Berimbau - CM Toicinho

Berimbau of high quality sound made and painted by Contra Mestre Toicinho (Capoeira Angola - São Paulo). A real work of art while having an optimal sound (see the video below).Sold complete with caxixi, baguette and dobrão. 2 models to choose from.

Book : Capoeira Dynamique

French book on the physical preparation of the capoeirist. Strength training, balance and synchronization to become a skilled, fast and powerful capoeirist.Will suit those who want to talk and progress in a fun way.

Bira Almeida - Capoeira : History, Philosophy and Practice

In his book (in French), Bira Almeida (Mestre Acordeon), describes the Capoeira with the eye of the historian and the heart of the enthusiast. It tells the story of this fabulous art, the history of Brazil and Salvador de Bahia (the birthplace of Capoeira), but also the emancipation of this practice in major North American and European cities.

Agogo Tambor'Art

Agogo of "castanha" made by Tambor'Art workshop in Muritiba (Recôncavo-Bahia). Traditional manufacturing, fixing "castanhas" with wooden trunnions (no screws) for a better longevity and an optimal sound.Pyro-engraved Tambor'Art. Varnished instrument

Berimbau for kids from Brazil

Small berimbau (140cm approximately) and weight suitable for children / teenagers (8/10 years old mini). These berimbaus offer a perfect finish and its high quality. A professional berimbau in miniature (lighter). Excellent value for money.Sold complete with all accessories (arame, baguette, and dobrão caxixi). Wood biriba.

CD Mestre Moraes : Brincando na roda

The third disc recorded with Mestre Moraes and the second disc of the Group of Capoeira Angola Pelourinho (GCAP Salvador da Bahia). "Brincando na Roda" is to date the only CD of capoeira have been selected for the Grammy awards!Duration: 45 minutes.