CD Mestre Russo : Tempero da Massa


CD music free round of Capoeira (Mestre Russo). For over 40 years Duque Caxias roda to continuously convey the traditions of Capoeira ...

The Duque de Caxias roda is a space-time open to the most diverse expressions of capoeira and is one of the more traditional rounds of capoeira in Brazil since 1973. Although traditional, it is a dynamic movement that influences many capoeirists which are also involved in the process. These influences are not limited to the hegemonic aspects in the practice of capoeira today - Regional or Angola; because free round of Caxias is an appointment between gestures, music and the Brazilian cultural history.
"One of our goals is to give people what belongs to the people, that is, their own culture." Mestre Russo.

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