Film-Documentary: "A verdadeira história de Besouro Mangangá"


The documentary, as the title suggests, aims to tell the real facts that involved this great capoeirista Mestre de Santo Amaro, from his birth to the events that followed his death. The documentary is expected to become teaching material, due to the lack of information and resources of this nature in formal education. It is intended that all of the information collected from researchers and historians will be a rich source of research for society in general, in addition to contributing to the preservation of our intangible culture. This will contribute to the achievement of the objectives of Law 11.639/2003, since capoeira, recognized as intangible heritage of humanity, is one of the most widespread legacies of African culture.

Duration: 1h51min

Director: Mestre Sidney de Jesus, founder of the Besouro Mangangá Foundation in Santo Amaro

Trailer available in the video tab of this page.

We count on the support of the capoeiristic community to attend this documentary and to broadcast it as much as possible. Thanks.

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