Children's Book: Kioni, The little Mandingueira - The legend of Berimbau

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Kioni, The little Mandingueira - The legend of Berimbau

Children's book that tells the adventures of the little African Kioni. Produced by Joana Carneiro Vasconcelos and Paulo Azevedo. A great gift idea for children.

Book in French - 48 large illustrated pages (28.5cmx24.5cm)

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Exists in original version (Portuguese) see here:

Audience: 4 to 12 years old, Capoeira teacher (for children's lessons)...

1st French edition: April 2022

ISBN: 978-65-00-43596-2

Printed in Maputo, Mozambique (Country of residence of the author) in 500 copies

Kioni, la petite Mandingueira describes the life of Kioni, a 12-year-old girl who lives in a small African village. Through his daily adventures, the story of Kioni mixes the foundations and the universe of Capoeira with the cultural and traditional elements of Mozambique. Thus the dialogues of the characters and their way of moving are based on songs and movements from Capoeira, the situations and the decorations are inspired by the African rural context.

A true tribute to Capoeira as an art, Kioni, the little Mandingueira, offers us a magical interpretation of the origin of the different movements, sounds and bodily expressions, bringing up to date the importance of the knowledge of the ancients, and placing in the foreground the values ​​of sharing and friendship.

In "the legend of the berimbau" Kioni and his friends are lured into the forest by a strange sound. They enter a forbidden place and fall into a kind of ambush... Have they become targets? Or are they welcome?

What discoveries await Kioni?

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