Children's Book: Kioni a pequena Mandingueira

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Kioni, A pequena Mandingueira - A Lenda do Berimbau

Children's book that tells the adventures of little African girl Kioni. Produced by Joana Carneiro Vasconcelos and Paulo Azevedo. A superb gift idea that will allow you to learn Portuguese while traveling.

Book in Portuguese - 48 large illustrated pages (28.5cmx24.5cm)

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Exists in French version here:

Audience: 4 to 12 years old, Capoeira teacher (for children's lessons)...

2nd edition: September 2021

Printed in Maputo, Mozambique (country of residence of the author) in 1000 copies

ISBN: 978-65-00-15018-6

Kioni, A Little Mandingueira portrays the life of Kioni, a 12-year-old girl in a small African village. Using Capoeira music as a base, Kioni's story blends the universe of Capoeira with cultural and traditional elements of Mozambique in Kioni's day-to-day adventures in his village and her world.

In a story in which situations and lessons are sung, and games and games are mixed with Capoeira, Kioni, A Pequena Mandingueira brings us a magical interpretation of the creation of different movements, sounds and flourishes of the body, praising Capoeira as the incredible art that it is, rescuing values ​​of ancestral knowledge and strengthening the principles of sharing and friendship.

Kioni, A Pequena Mandingueira is a series of 8 books.

In this first one, A Lenda do Berimbau, Kioni and his friends are attracted by a sound coming from the forest. They enter a part they shouldn't, and end up getting into a kind of ambush... Are they being attacked? Or were they called there?

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