Calabash for berimbau


Calabash for berimbau (cabaça) varnished and ready to use (supplied with its rummy).

Our calabashes are carefully selected to ensure optimal sound for your berimbau. Imported from Salvador de Bahia.

Four models of calabashes are available: VIOLA (small size - high sound), MEDIO (medium size - intermediate sound), GUNGA or BERRA-BOI (large size - low sound), GUNGA XL (very large size, low sound).

Non-contractual photo, each "cabaça" is unique (natural product). The "rami" may vary from one arrival to another (material and thickness of the cord). Contact us if you have any doubts.

Careful packaging to avoid any inconvenience upon receipt of your package.

If you have a preference for the shape (rather round or rather elongated), leave us a message when ordering. We will try to do our best to meet your expectations. It will depend on the availability of the product.

We cannot give a precise size of the calabash because it depends on its shape. Indeed an elongated "gunga" calabash will sometimes be barely larger in diameter than a well-rounded "medio" calabash ... It will be higher on the other hand .... What matters is its volume. Thank you for your understanding.

ATTENTION: Non contractual photo. The calabash is a natural product, each model is unique. The shapes and colors differ from one model to another.

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