CD Mestre Negoativo - Estive na liberdade


CD "Estive na Liberdade e falei com Mestre Waldemar" by Mestre Negoativo which offers us an interview with the legendary Mestre Waldemar (43 min recorded in 1987) as well as musical passages. Over 43 minutes of listening to invaluable wealth for those passionate about the history of Capoeira. A journey through time and tradition. Sold with a card signed by the Mestre.

1. Entrevista com o Mestre Waldemar : 43min32

2. O "eterno" da Pero Vaz : 2min52

3. Na Liberdade, eu estive là : 1min

4. Capoeira Chora por Mestre Waldemar : 2min40

5. O Berimbau lamenta, adeus a Mestre Waldemar : 2min15

6. "Iuna" ao Mestre da Liberdade : 2min39

Duration : ~55min

"Capoeira is an art that has given me many possibilities, experiments, encounters, exchanges, friendships, hits, misses, achievements, defeats and victories. In 1987 in my youth at the age of 20, in another search, researching in the capital of Bahia Salvador / BA, I was with some Masters of the old guard of Capoeira. I was fortunate enough to interview two important Mestres: Canjiquinha, who, in addition to being a capoeirista, was an artist involved in Afro-Bahian demonstrations with participation in the films: "O Pagador de Promessa" of 1962 based on the book by Dias Gomes and directed by Anselmo Duarte and " Barravento "directed by Glauber Rocha also from 1962.

The interview with Mestre Waldemar is one of the most valuable materials and records in the history of Capoeira. After 20 years in 2007, this material was recovered, edited, musicized, mixed and mastered. Approved by the Culture Incentive Law. Today it is available to researchers, connoisseurs and capoeiristas worldwide." Mestre Negoativo

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