CD Lua Rasta : Roda Do Terreiro


CD of Capoeira Angola recorded by Mestre Lua Rasta (Salvador de Bahia). The amazing energy of Lua Rasta in the CD roda!
Duration: 46 minutes.
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Mestre Lua Rasta (Gilson Fernandes) was born in Macaúbas, Salvador-Bahia on 28 July 1950.
He began his apprenticeship of Capoeira with Mestre Bimba in 1968, then turned to the Mestre Canjiquinha in 1969 with which he spent some time to train.
Figure of the Capoeira Angola of Salvador of Bahia, it proposes every Friday evening, a roda of Capoeira Angola on the "Terreiro de Jesus".
He is also a renowned percussion manufacturer and manufacturer and travels between his local Capoeira on the island of Itaparica and his workshop in Pelourinho in Salvador.

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