Regional Capoeira Pants


Pants designed by Salvador de Bahia seamstress who is none other than the mother of Mestre and Mestre Canguru Saguim (Filhos de Bimba). This abada is designed for practitioners of Capoeira Regional appropriate but also for Angola.
Adult size from S to L.

Side pockets. Button at the waist, zip and loops for a belt.
100% polyester (helanca). slightly bent at the ankle Cup.
Very comfortable to wear. light and strong fabric.

Mestre Canguru was a student of Mestre Nenel (son of Mestre Bimba). He is also the brother of Mestre Saguim (Napoli, Italia). It's a great singer, songwriter, musician (see CD) at delas to be one of the figures of Capoeira Regional. He lives and teaches Capoeira in Salvador de Bahia.

The school of Capoeira "Filhos de Bimba" has been founded by Manoel Nascimento Machado (Mestre Nenel) in 1986 to maintain and perpetuate the work of his father, the great Mestre Bimba, creator of Capoeira Regional.

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