Red Capoeira pants - white striped

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Red capoeira pants with white stripes (Adidas style). 2 models to choose from (2 different mixed cuts):

-1 / TAPERED CUT (a little bent down - tapered / carrot)

-2 / CLASSIC ABADA Cut (Wide cut)

See technical description below for more details.

Capoeira for man and woman (unisex) trousers handmade especially for the practice of Capoeira. Capoeira specialty brand in São Paulo: Marimbondo Sinha.

100% polyamide, reinforced seams and crotch. Very comfortable to wear. Easy wash.

- Model 1 (Tapered Cut) Size a little higher with elastic at the waist for more support. Drawcord on the front (internal). These pants look like a classic tracksuit but in a material a little stretchy and more pleasant to move. For those who know, this cut corresponds to the cut of trousers from the Cordão de Ouro group.

- Model 2 (Abada classic) no elastic waist, drawstring extensible on the side (internal). This model of Capoeira pants is similar to a classic abada, straight cut, wide at the ankle.

Both models are of identical quality. Only the cup changes. Mixed Cup for 2.

Adjustable combination cup with drawcord at the waist. Adult size S to XL.

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