Book Capoeira na Escola - MEstre Xaréu - Helios Campos

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The book "Capoeira na Escola" aims to guide Capoeira masters and teachers to teach in primary and secondary school. The preface is by Mestre Itapoan and in its summary it underlines the following content: In the first chapter, the historical synthesis, term of capoeira, pedagogical importance, methodology, capoeira as physical education, personal experiences, capoeira as sports practice of the program ( planning), Bahianization of the CV.

In the second chapter, he talks about the instruments and the sequences - Sequence of teaching of Mestre Bimba, Sequence of "cinturas despresadas".

In the third chapter: it deals with physical qualities and exercise suggestions

In the fourth chapter he deals with the rhythms, the "hats" and the music of the main masters, Bimba, Pastinha, Waldemar and Gigante. The book is richly illustrated.

Published by EDUFBA in 2001 in its first edition. Reprinted in 2014 in only 400 copies.

Author: Hellio Campos - (Mestre Xaréu)

ISBN: 85-232-0223-4 - 153 pages.

Book in Portuguese.

Author: Hélio Campos

Year: 2001

Publisher: EDUFBA

Edition: 1st Edition

ISBN: 85-232-0224-2

Number of Pages: 153

Finishing: Brochure

Weight: 220g

Portuguese language

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