Berimbau - Valmir Das Biribas


Berimbau designed by Valmir das Biribas. Real biriba wood (fairly heavy). These berimbaus are resistant and have a good lifespan. The finish is simple and effective. Ideal for anyone looking for a berimbau that sounds good on a limited budget.

The berimbau and the calabash are varnished for better protection.

Sold with arame, biriba stick and stone. Dense biriba wood. 160cm approximately. Caxixi sold separately.

Please note: due to their format, delivery of berimbaus is often delayed (manual processing by carriers). Allow 5-6 additional days. Thank you for your understanding.

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Sold with arame, baguette in biriba and stone. Wood of biriba dense. 160cm approximately. Caxixi sold separately.
Valmir das Biribas, is a craftsman / capoeira installed in Salvador de Bahia and specialized in the manufacture of berimbau for more than 30 years (his father was already doing this job). He goes to look for his wood in true biriba in the forest of the island opposite (Itaparica) and then makes his berimbaus in his workshop. They provided many practitioners around the world.
Our berimbaus are delivered disarmed (relaxed) for a better longevity and to avoid the breakage during the transport. Unless exception (some schools), it is advisable to disarm its berimbau after each use.

Please note: due to the density of Biriba wood, these instruments are not always easy to arm for a beginner. Ask your teacher for advice.
WARNING: Non-contractual photos. Every manufactured instrument is unique! However, we guarantee you an impeccable quality with a visual aspect as close as possible to our pictures.

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