Berimbau Capoeira Regional - Mestre Nenel - Profissional


Berimbau for the traditional "Capoeira Regional" made by Mestre Nenel in person in Salvador de Bahia. Signature of the Mestre and date of manufacture pyrographed on the wood. "profissional" model.

Fully varnished instrument. Typical regional capoeira sound (low tuning).

Comes with wand, stone and caxixi.

As is the tradition of Capoeira Regional, these berimbau offer a very specific sound with a low tuning. 3 notches on the wood for 3 levels of tuning.

This instrument, due to its provenance (directly from the hand of Mestre Nenel, son of the great Mestre Bimba, creator of Capoeira Regional, formerly Luta Regional Baiana) is a very valuable berimbau. Whether to play or to collect. The fact that it is signed and dated makes the object even more unique. Connoisseurs know ...

The videos show master Nenel playing his berimbau.


Data sheet

Top:~2.5cm / Bottom:~3cm
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