Pandeiro Capoeira for Kids


Pandeiro for children in leather made by Mestre Busca Longe, craftsman and recognized capoeirist based in São Paulo Brazil. Specially designed for capoeira. Size: 8 inches (child). Excellent value. Tunable / affinable (key provided).

CAUTION: This is not a toy. Not suitable for children under 5 years old. This is a real musical instrument. Its small size allows the child to learn in the best conditions (lighter) with sound quality worthy of an instrument for adults.

Non-contractual photos. Each manufactured instrument is unique! However, we guarantee you an irreproachable quality with a visual aspect as close as possible to our photos.

The pandeiros offered on this site are ALL natural wood + genuine leather and manufactured (no industrial manufacture like the known brands). No instrument is synthetic skin. Handcrafted guarantee. We privilege the tradition and the original sound.


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21 cm
5 cm
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