CD Mestre Ananias : Samba de roda vol. 2


roda de samba CD recorded by Mestre Ananias and the group "Garoa do Recôncavo". Attention this CD is a CD of Capoeira! This is an original piece of music to discover. Typical Bahian live time!
62min duration.

Mestre Ananias (Adilene Cavalheiro) was born in 1925 in Sao Felix, in the Reconcavo region in Bahia. He participated in the rodas of Mestre Waldemar Salvador and moved to Sao Paulo in 1953. He is now an icon of Capoeira Angola. His tone of voice, his cultural influences bahiannaises (Candomblé, samba, capoeira) makes his music a unique style of its kind.

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