Rope Adult with knots 12mm

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Rope unbleached 100%, 16 spindles, 12mm diameter cotton with a pink knot on each end. Can be dyed.
CAUTION: capoeira cord often bends 2 before passing around the waist (see your teacher) ...
To choose the right length (+ round belt waist height up to half molllet) x2.
If you have any doubt do not hesitate to contact us ...

NOTE: These ropes are considered custom products because we make the knots at the customer's request. Therefore this item is neither returned nor exchanged. Tolerance margin on final length: +/- 3%

Attention: We invite you to check / measure the diameter in mm of your rope before ordering. From one supplier to another the result may differ. Often suppliers advertise a smaller diameter, so you are thinking of buying 10mm when it is 12mm. Our ropes are exactly the diameter indicated. Please kindly check the desired diameter before ordering please. If in doubt, do not hesitate to contact us.

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