Atabaque Mestre Lua Rasta


Atabaque Rum, Rumpi, Rumpi-Lê or Lê, artisanal, made in the workshop of Mestre Lua Rasta. A world reference in the manufacture of Capoeira percussion. Exceptional quality. Unique instrument.

On order only. We take care of the import from A to Z. Delivery with AD VALOREM insurance. You don't care about anything. Contact us for the purchasing conditions. The price varies depending on the model.

WARNING: Non-contractual photos. Every manufactured instrument is unique! However, we guarantee you an impeccable quality with a visual aspect as close as possible to our pictures.
The atabaques offered on this site are ALL in natural wood + genuine leather and manufactured (not of industrial manufacture like the known brands). No instruments are made of synthetic leather. Fabrication artisanale guaranteed. We prefer tradition and original sound.
The atabaque presents itself as a long conical shaped drum (its base is often placed on a support and is much finer than its summit), composed of large exotic wood strips such as jacaranda, cedar or mahogany, tight Against each other by means of iron strapping of different diameters. Its manufacture is similar to barrels. A beef skin is stretched at the top, fixed by cords.
There are three different sizes:
Rum: The biggest with a more serious sound.
Rum-Pi: Medium size and medium.
Le: The smallest with the highest pitch.

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