Dye for capoeira belts

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Tincture / dye from the brand Tupy (Brazil), to dye your Capoeira strings.

Tupy® tincture is a dye of organic composition, its pH, on average, neutral, when dissolved in hot water, has no odor and its physical form is solid and has no toxic characteristics .

A tube allows to dye 2 or 3 adult cords or 5/6 child cords.

1- Use a tube of TUPY® dye / dye (45g) for 300g of dry fabric.

2- Prepare the COLORING SOLUTION by dissolving the contents of the tube in 1 to 2 liters of boiling water.

3- Pour the COLORING SOLUTION into a container containing enough boiling water to cover the fabric, about 6 liters for 300g of fabric. Mix well.

4- Wash the fabric and, still wet, immerse it in the dye bath, leaving it to boil for 30 to 40 minutes, always stirring with a stick.

5- After the dyeing time, rinse the fabric, removing the excess dye and allow the shade to dry. For better fixation, use TUPYFIX®.


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