Capoeira Rope Spool - Cotton


We have different models of ropes for clubs. Please contact us by email for orders if you don't find the model you want on our website (

100% cotton. All sizes. With or without core (flexible or rigid). Premium quality (precise braiding, impeccable rendering).

Price example for our Capoeira rope. Excluding transportation.

Ecru cord, with core. 100 meter (1 spool).

8mm = 62.50 €

10mm = 91 €

12mm = 127 €

Price without taxe.

Service knot on the rope for your baptisms of Capoeira: You want to buy rope with knots and ready to dye? We offer this service for 1eur tax incl. Per rope (2 knots).

Contact us for a quote or buy directly here:

What is the core of a rope?

This guarantees the strength and rigidity of the rope. The core is wrapped in the sheath (the braided part of the rope). It consists of several small strands.

In general, capoeira clubs use ropes with a soul. However, a soulless rope is more practical on the belt (more flexible) and more economical.

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