Pandeiro Bahia Adult

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Handmade pandeiro made by Queixada, specially designed for capoeira. Size: 10 inches.

Resistant instrument offering very good longevity. The sound is pleasant and perfect for capoeira's rodas. Not refinable but does not go out of tune. Natural leather (goat).

VIDEO: Capoeira roda on Republic Square in São Paulo. This pandeiro that we sell is the same as the ones used in this video. This round, initiated by Master Ananias, is world renowned. The biggest capoeiristas take part in this weekly meeting (every Sunday).

PLEASE NOTE: Non-contractual photos. Each manufactured instrument is unique! However, we guarantee you impeccable quality with a visual aspect as close as possible to our photos.

The pandeiros offered on this site are ALL made of natural wood + genuine leather and manufactured (no industrial manufacturing like known brands). No instrument is made of synthetic skin. Guaranteed handcrafted. We favor tradition and original sound.


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380 gr
25 cm (10 Inches)
5 cm
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