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Bracelets religious Bahiani multicolors bearing the inscription "Lembrança do senhor do Bonfim". Today, these lucky "fitas" are worn on the wrist as a fashion accessory or at events / parties. Ideal to validate entries or as a welcome gift!

In popular, superstitious and folkloric tradition, the Senhor do Bonfim ribbon is wrapped around the wrist or ankle, and tied with three knots. Each knot is preceded by a request, made mentally, which must be kept secret until the ribbon breaks due to natural wear and tear. It means that wishes or requests have been granted.

For each color, a signification and a divinity (Orixas) of the Candomblé (the Afro-Brazilian religion founded by the slaves).
Blue - Iemanja, goddess of the sea - Love
Rose - Oba, the god of the winds - Friendship
Yellow - Oxum, goddess of beauty - Success
Green - Oxóssi, god of animals and food - Health
Orange - Inhasa, goddess of wind and fire - Happiness
Violet - Nana Buruku, the wife of Oxala - Spirituality
Red - Exu, the god of ways - Passion
White - Oxala, the oldest god who gave life to men - Peace

Tradition: Attach the bracelet to the wrist by making 3 knots. At each node a vow. When the bracelet breaks, the wishes will be exalted ...


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