Focus Pad Capoeira Training

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Resistant and antiperspirant pads for training kicks etc. Premium quality. Curved shape.

Ideal for physical preparation before competitions or for varied, fun and dynamic Capoeira lessons.

Focus on your fitness and kicking again using the RDX Focus Pads. Made from Maya Hide Lo'rme Skin, these focus air pads are hard wearing and designed to retain their original shape. Polygonal Fusion MOLD helps absorb shock and prevent hand fatigue during grueling workouts. Strategically placed perforations provide ample ventilation to ensure your combat experience is sweat-free. EZ Grip technology lends non-slip characteristics to the focus pads so your typing experience is as smooth as possible. The Quick-EZ hook and loop provides a secure fit on your wrists and optimal alignment, reducing the risk of injury.

Forged using premium Lo'rme hide, these focus mitts hold their shape for lasting perfection.

Polygonal Fusion MOLD most effectively dissipates force on the surface of punching gloves.

Tactically placed pinholes provide ventilation to prevent the buildup of unpleasant odors.

EZ-Grip technology ensures a solid grip while ensuring there is no chance of slipping.

The Quick-EZ hook and loop helps align the wrist so you don't hurt yourself.

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