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Pearl necklace (guia de contas) used in religions of African origin (Umbanda, Candomblé etc...).

"Guia" is the name used in Afro-Brazilian religions for the necklaces used by mediums during seances and tours and also used by the children of the house representing their guides (Orixás), varying the color according to the Line in which the mind acts, namely:

Oxalá Line = White Pearls (Candomblé and Umbanda)

Ogun Line = Dark Blue Beads (Candomblé) / Red, can be Red and White (Umbanda)

Oxóssi line = Green beads (in some cases milky light blue beads are also used - Candomblé) / Green (Umbanda)

Oxum Line = Yellow Beads (Gold) - Candomblé/Dark Blue, you can also use gold (Umbanda)

Xangô Line = Brown Pearls (Candomblé and Umbanda)

Line of Iansã = Pink Beads (in some cases Red and Orange) - Candomblé / Yellow, in some cases can use orange or dark red (Umbanda)

Nanã Line = Lilac (Candomblé) / Violet (Umbanda) Beads

Omolu Line = White and Lilac Pearls (Candomblé) / Violet (as well as the Nanã Line), which can also be Black and White (Old Black Line) - Umbanda

Iemanjá Line = Light Blue Beads (in some cases White and Blue Beads) - Candomblé / Light Blue or Crystal (Transparent) - Umbanda.)

Origin: Recôncavo Baiano (interior of Bahia)

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