DVD Vida de Mandingueiro

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DVD directed by the French Cécile Bennegent and Mathias Monarque "Vida de Mandingueiro" [Being Capoeira]. With interviews of Mestres: Toni Vargas, Leopoldina, Garrincha, Gigante, Lua Rasta, Sorriso, Chão, Fred Abreu, Peixinho etc ...
52 minutes movie + 1h bonus. See the trailer in the "video" tab.

VOST: English, French, Portuguese
Dubbing of the voices in French.
Authors: Cécile Bennegent and Mathias Monarque
Director: Mathias Monarque
Production: Mécanos Productions
What is capoeira? Who are its representatives, the true guardians of this art that persists in time and today conquers the five continents? This film goes to meet several characters, masters of capoeira: what is their story, their philosophy of life? Their testimonies are at the heart of the film. Some of these masters, already very old, are the living memory of this popular and marginal practice which has changed enormously since the beginning of the century. Their knowledge is precious, essential to the history of a people and important to us. It is through the life stories of the characters, from the oldest to the new generations, that we want to understand and show how this cultural and identity heritage is transmitted. Thus, we wish to participate in the transmission and evolution of these cultures by bringing another look.

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